TriumphWare Affiliate Program

TriumphWare has an open affiliate program that pays 50% commission on all product sales.

You can register here
Registration is quick and easy.

The links to the affiliate control panel and login are available in the menu via Shop->Affiliates.

Payments are sent via Paypal at the end of each month.

After you register you will receive an email with “Affiliate Application for TriumphWare” as the subject.
This email will contain your login information.

At this point you may login and add your Paypal email address in the Edit Profile tab.
After entering and saving your Paypal email address you can then go to the Creatives tab.
You will see “Your Affiliate Link Using Affiliate ID” and below it a URL.

At the end of the URL there will be what’s called a query string.
This query string will look like “?wpam_id=4”.
Your number on the end will be different.

Now let’s say you want to share a specific product like our Facebook Page Inviter Pro.
The URL for this product is “”.
Simply take the product URL and add the query string to the end.
In this example you end up with:
For my affiliate account that would be my affiliate link for the Facebook Page Inviter Pro.
Be sure that if you copy these examples you replace the 4 at the end with the wpam_id number from the affiliate control panel.