TriumphWare’s SoundCloud Follower And Messager Bot uses serial numbers for registration.
For a guide on registering your software please visit How to Activate TriumphWare Software.


In the picture below you can see the Main tab.
This is the first portion of the program you’ll see when you open the SoundCloud Follower And Messager Bot.

SoundCloud Follower And Messager - 2 - Fill In Front

Above you can see Action Interval.
This is the amount of time the SoundCloud Follower And Messager Bot will wait between each action in seconds.
If it is set to 10 for example, the SoundCloud Follower And Messager Bot will Follow someone and wait 10 seconds before Messaging them.

Next you can see Max Tries which is set to 100 by default.
Once you start the program the SoundCloud Follower And Messager Bot will keep trying to go through all results SoundCloud provides.
Sometimes SoundCloud may fail to load properly or a link to a profile may no longer work.
Max Tries is the maximum amount of attempts SoundCloud Follower And Messager Bot will try to either load more results or process bad links.
Both of these are rare but having this setting allows SoundCloud Follower And Messager Bot to move on to the next result(s) in the event they do occur.

There is also the Location field which is optional.
If you want to restrict your search to a specific area you may enter it here.
SoundCloud has a limited list of areas you can restrict your search to.
As of the writing of this guide they are: London, Los angeles, Paris, Chicago, New york, Denver, Berlin, Manchester and Bristol.

The one field that is not optional is Search.
Unlike Location SoundCloud requires a Search phrase.
This could be any keyword or phrase.
We here at TriumphWare like to target specific genres of music with it which you’ll likely find very useful if attempting to promote your own.

Maximum Account Age will force the program to search only for accounts created within the specified time frame.

The Follow Accounts check box will cause the software to follow each artist/account it finds.

Finally you have the Message to Send box.
This one is fairly straight-forward. It is the message that will be sent to each person/band in the search results. If you leave it blank, the software will not attempt to send any messages.

After setting those options you need to enter your SoundCloud accounts.

SoundCloud Follower And Messager - 3 - Accounts

Above you can see the Accounts tab.

This section of SoundCloud Follower And Messager Bot is pretty clear cut – enter your SoundCloud Email Address and corresponding Password for each of your accounts.

Aside from the account information you can enter a Preferred Proxy for each account.
If what you enter matches information entered in the Proxies tab, SoundCloud Follower And Messager Bot will make sure that proxy is used for that account.

SoundCloud Follower And Messager - 4 - Proxies

The Proxies tab is as you see above.

For each proxy SoundCloud Follower And Messager Bot requires the proxy’s Server and Port.
You may optionally enter a Username and Password if the proxy requires them.

If you do not specify a Preferred Proxy for an account on the previous tab SoundCloud Follower And Messager Bot will simply go through the list of proxies one-by-one and once it hits the end, return to the first.


SoundCloud Follower And Messager - 5 - Click Start

If you wish to save your settings, accounts and proxies then you may click the Save All Changes button.

Now simply click the Start button seen above to Follow and Message!


SoundCloud Follower And Messager - 6 - Logging In

Above you can see the SoundCloud Follower And Messager Bot logging in.

SoundCloud Follower And Messager - 7 - Searching

Next it is processing the list of results.

SoundCloud Follower And Messager - 8 - Followed

Above you can see that it has followed this group.

SoundCloud Follower And Messager - 9 - Messaging

Finally, it is preparing to send a message.

The bot remembers who it has Followed and Messaged so you’re not accidentally spamming people.
To clear it’s memory so you can re-message users, click the Clear Cache button.


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