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December 12, 2015
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February 19, 2016
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Facebook Page Inviter Pro


Automatically invite people to like all of your pages.
This software can invite 1,500 people per-month, per-page!
Set it and forget it. Increase your fan count in your sleep!

Click here for the usage guide!

Requires Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10

All software includes free support and updates for life!
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Automatically increase your fan count – potentially thousands of new fans for each page you own, each month!

All you need to do is enter a Facebook account and API token.
From there the software will load a list of all of your pages.

You can then simply click the Start button and let Facebook Page Inviter Pro automatically invite as many fans per-page, per-day as you like.
The default amount of invites to send per day is 50. This can be changed in the program.
If you have 10 pages, that’s 500 invites sent each day and 15,000 sent each month!
Page owners that own upwards of 50 pages will be inviting 75,000 potential fans each month.

Our testing shows that on average 40-80% of the people invited will accept and Like the page.

How it works is simple.
When you share a post, image or video (“post”) on your fan page, it will often be shared by one of your fans.
Whenever a post is shared or liked by one of your fans, their friends will often see and like the post.

So, it’s great that new people are seeing your posts right?
Well here’s the thing – just because they like your post doesn’t mean they’ll like your page!
More often than not, these potential fans just go to waste and you can never reach them again.

Facebook allows us to invite people that have liked our posts to like our page.
How many of us take the time to do so however?
Having to log onto Facebook, scroll through past posts and try to find people to invite to your page is time consuming, even if you only own one page.

The time you will save by not having to manually invite people to your page and the increased conversions you’ll obtain from having more fans makes Facebook Page Inviter Pro pay for itself in no time.
You can save hours each day. simply allow Facebook Page Inviter Pro to do all of the work for you!

To learn how to use Facebook Page Inviter Pro, check out the guide here.

We also have a free, semi-automatic version if you’d like to test our software which you can get here.