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Facebook Lead Organizer


If you use Facebook's Lead Ads then you know how much work it can be to keep your information organized.
Let us save you the hassle and time!
Click here for the usage guide
We accept feature requests!

Requires Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10

All software includes free support and updates for life!
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Facebook’s new Lead Ads make it easy for you to collect potential customer/client information.

Facebook lead ads provide the users an easy way to give you their contact details without having to completely fill out a form since Facebook populates it for them.
Less work for the users means more potential leads for you.
With the simple click of a button a Facebook user can submit their contact information.

The problem some of us are facing however is that these leads aren’t neatly organized.

If like most Facebook marketers you manage multiple pages, campaigns and lead forms that means you have to sort through this information manually.
Whenever you download the CSVs containing your new leads you must sort through them to separate leads you’ve already processed from leads you have not (or pay someone to do it).
Imagine doing this every day with only a handful of pages yet alone dozens as most of us have.

Facebook Lead Organizer will automatically monitor and sort your leads for you.
You can have them saved to CSV if you’d like – automatically and with no duplicates.

Many of us however don’t want these leads in CSV format. It’s much more convenient to have them emailed to us, especially when you’re obtaining leads for your clients and not yourself.

With Facebook Lead Organizer you can have new leads emailed to you – or your clients – as they come in.
No duplicates.
No hassle.

Core Features:

  • Automatically Sort Leads – Never have to separate duplicates again!
  • CRM Support – Automatically add leads to your CRM.
  • Auto-Responders – Sync you leads with your email lists!
  • HTTP Poster – Automatically submit leads to existing opt-in and other forms.
  • CSV Generation – Have leads neatly organized in a CSV without duplicates.
  • Built-in Tracking – Track your leads by day, week, month, year and lifetime!
  • Email Leads – Need to send leads to clients? Email them automatically if you’d like.
  • Much More!


Currently there are a couple other options than Facebook Lead Organizer but they charge hundreds monthly!
Our competition charges flat fees PLUS a percentage of your monthly ad spending which totals thousands of dollars a year.
We’ve created Facebook Lead Organizer to be efficient, effective and affordable.

Your purchase gets you the Facebook Lead Organizer as well as lifetime free support and upgrades.

Whenever we add new features you’ll be automatically notified and the upgrade process is quick and painless.
We also accept feature requests which you can send us by visiting the Support link under Contact Us in the menu above.

Want to see the usage guide to learn more about Facebook Lead Organizer?
Click here!

Never sort through thousands of leads again.
Save time and money with Facebook Lead Organizer.

We intend to make Facebook Lead Organizer this the best product of it’s type available!
With that in mind, we’ll be working on adding new features every day!

Like the product but want a feature added?
Purchase Facebook Lead Organizer and we will add features for free!
After your purchase you may contact us via Support link under Contact Us in the top menu to request features.