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October 20, 2015
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October 25, 2015
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Facebook Group Cleaner
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Facebook Group Cleaner
Facebook Group Cleaner

Facebook Group Cleaner


Tired of manually removing spam or old posts from your Facebook group?
This program will help you maintain a neat and respectable group without all of the hassle of manually removing spam and spammers.

Requires Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10

All software includes free support and updates for life!
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Facebook groups are great for marketing, keeping in touch with customers and even simply sharing information between friends or fans that share your interests.

They’re also a massive target for spammers.
Utilizing bots, it’s not difficult for a single spammer to post their junk to hundreds or thousands of groups a day.

As far as groups are concerned, there’s hardly anything worse than someone posting links to porn or diet pills in your group.
Not only does this add extra work for you, it may hurt your group’s reputation.

Beyond spammers, some group admins like to maintain nice, clean groups.
A good example is groups for buying and selling items.
Often owners of groups like this will constantly have to go through and remove old posts for items that have already sold.
This can be a very time consuming task, especially if you need to do it daily.

With our Facebook Group Cleaner you can remove posts and comments based on their post dates, contents and even by the poster name(s) saving yourself massive amounts of time and headache.

We own a group for example that only has about 1,500 users but requires constant monitoring to avoid spam and to simply remove posts that no longer serve any purpose.
This process can take 1-2 hours a day. That’s 30-60 hours a month!
Not only is this time consuming but that’s 30-60 hours we could be spending working on other projects and making money!

Save yourself time and money – try the Facebook Group Cleaner now!

After your purchase you will be sent an email containing the download link as well as your serial number to use the software.