How To Make Money With Instagram

Instagram is growing every day.
Guess how many users it has – over 300 million!

That’s more users than Snapchat, Tumbler, Twitter and Pinterest!
If you enjoy taking photos and sharing them with the world then Instagram could be a great source of income for you.

Here are some tips to grow your following and earn big with Instagram.

Growing your following

Post EVERY Day
To build a decent Instagram following, you must post at least once every day.
3-4 times would be even better.
To grow your list of followers, this is absolutely the most important tip.

Use Relevant Hashtags
Many Instagram users think of hashtags as just a way to be clever but that’s not the case.
Hashtags actually serve as an important marketing tool.
Relevant hashtags attacked to your photos will help other Instagram users find your content.
You should use 5-10 hashtags per-post for the best coverage.

Post Amazing Photos
This one should go without saying but you cannot just post any junk photo and expect to gain followers.
Your posts should be unique and most importantly, as appealing to the eyes as possible.
Beautiful photos can go a long way and gain you much more followers than a quick snap.

Do Not Post All Of Your Photos At Once!
It is important to post regularly on Instagram.
If you intend to post multiple photos a day, spread them out.
This will make it so you’re not bombarding your current followers and losing them.
As a bonus, by spreading your posts throughout the day you’ll be able to reach audiences that use the app at different times.

Develop Your Own Style
Make sure your photos stand out and don’t just copy the style of other Instagram users.
It could be your photo capture technique, attitude or even image filters.
Take @GirlEatWorld as an example.
Even though she started her account in 2014, she’s grown to over 90,000 followers just by using a unique style.

How To Make Money With Your Instagram

Sell Sponsored Posts
Most people earn money on Instagram by publishing sponsored posts, which are images featuring and tagging a product or service. If you have a large and engaged following, brands will pay you handsomely for this publicity.

Brian DiFeo is the co-founder of the The Mobile Media Lab, a company that connects Instagram users with brands. “On average, an Instagrammer that’s got a good 100,000 followers, is consistently putting up great photos and their audience really likes what they’re doing, can be making between $5,000 and $10,000 a month,” he says.

One majorly successful example is @NewYorkCity, an account run by 25-year-old Liz Eswein. On top of a fee for taking a specific number of images, she charges $1 per like gained on each sponsored post. To give you an idea of what she earns, many of her sponsored photos gain over 20,000 likes each.

Offer Brand Takeovers
Instead of sharing sponsored posts on your own account, you can earn money by doing an “Instagram takeover.” Just like it sounds, this involves posting photos on someone else’s Instagram account. Either the brand gives you temporary access to their account, or you simply supply them with the photos and accompanying descriptions and hashtags.

For travel accounts, this works particularly well. “We supply 5-7 amazing images to a company or tourism board and they feature our photos showcasing how we see the destination,” says Bouskill.

Sell Your Account
Once you have a hugely successful account, you can sometimes even sell it for a profit. “Accounts that have 500K to a couple million followers can be sold for six figures,” according to Carlson.


If you’ve got creativity, a photographic eye and a smartphone, then you’ve got the tools necessary to become a successful Instagram entrepreneur. (A selfie stick might come in handy, too.)

But don’t forget about the most important elements: time and effort. Making money on Instagram is about more than just taking beautiful photographs: You need to post consistently and engage with your followers.

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