Hire a Hacker

We’re not like the other “hire a hacker” companies that claim they know how to hack and simply use some automated script kiddie tools.
Our services are 100% custom-tailored.

If you’re looking for software development, please use visit the Request a Quote page.

Services we offer include:

  • Account recovery including Email, Websites and Social Media
  • Website penetration testing
  • Server penetration testing

If your requirements are not listed above, please let us know exactly what you seek in the form below.

You MUST own or have permission to access the account/server/site/etc you want tested or need to regain access to!

For special circumstances we will offer real world investigative services.
Please provide a general idea of what you want to achieve.

You must supply at least your email address.
For more fluid communication, you may also provide a Skype handle or phone number.

All services require a deposit but the initial consultation is free.
Please be aware that we do NOT guarantee results.
We will try our best and succeed 95% of the time or better but in some cases such as account recovery, it is never guaranteed and any company claiming otherwise is lying.

Task Information

  • We will reply to quote requests in the order they are received.
    Generally we will reply the same day or within 24 hours but during busy periods it may take us up to 3 days.


We are having issues with our current payment processor due to changes with their rules regarding software sales. A new payment method will be available soon, please check back tomorrow!