Facebook Page Inviter - 6 - Running

When you share a post on your Facebook page it’s common for your fans to share it.
Often when your post is shared, non-fans will like it.
Have you ever wanted to invite these non-fans to like your page without the hassle of doing it manually?
This is where Facebook Page Inviter comes in!

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Facebook Page Inviter Guide

When you first open the Facebook Page Inviter you’ll see the following screen:

Facebook Page Inviter - 1 - Settings

You can see two tabs – Facebook Accounts, Pages and Settings and Browser

The Browser tab is so you can view what the bot is doing.
This particular “Browser” is similar to Firefox in how it works.
It’s not the fastest technology TriumphWare has but it completely mimics a normal user in a normal browser to prevent any possibility of being banned.

The first step is to enter your Facebook Email and Facebook Password. Whenever you click Save Settings, the account credentials are saved locally on your computer and your password is encrypted so it remains safe.

Facebook Page Inviter - 2 - Enter Email and Password

The next thing you need to do is get the Target URL.
If you paste in a Page or Group URL, the software will scan for the first post that has likes and is made by one of your pages. We suggest not doing this.

Instead you should enter a direct Post, Photo or Video URL (“post”).
To obtain a direct link to a post, view it and look for the date/timestamp.
You’ll notice that the date/timestamps are actually links. These typically are direct links to the post they’re related to.

To get the link, right-click the date/timestamp and click “Copy link address” (or similar depending on your browser) as seen in the image below.

Facebook Page Inviter - 3 - Get Target URL

Once you have the link, paste it into the Target URL field as seen below. Facebook Page Inviter looks for the link that displays how many people have liked a post. Since this link is only generated by Facebook for posts that have at least 3+ likes, Facebook Page Inviter will not work for posts with only a couple likes!

Facebook Page Inviter - 4 - Enter Target URL

To the right of Target URL you’ll notice Invites sent this run and Max Tries

Invites sent this run is automatically set by the software as it runs. Please note that Facebook Page Inviter automatically stops inviting after 50 invites have been sent per entry. This is due to the fact that Facebook has a limit of sending 50 invites per page per day.

Max Tries is the amount of times Facebook Page Inviter will try to invite a set of likers.

Let’s say you have entered a Target URL for a post. The post will have one link for the likers.
Since there is only one link, Facebook Page Inviter will open this link the number of times you have set in Max Tries to attempt to invite users. Typically if your Target URL is a direct link to a post, you can safely set Max Tries to 1.

If you have instead supplied a link to a page with say, 20 posts on it and Max Tries is set to 5 then Facebook Page Inviter will look at the first 5 posts for a link to the list of likers and attempt to invite them.

You’ll notice multiple rows in the main tab.
You can enter as many Facebook accounts and targets as possible.
An example is if you have for instance 3 pages.
For each page you’ll enter a set of account credentials and a target and Facebook Page Inviter will process each entry.

If the pages are all owned by one account, you still need to enter the account credentials in each row. Obviously the same applies if you’re using multiple accounts.

If you enter multiple rows and for example 3 in a row use the same Facebook account, Facebook Page Inviter will only log-in to the account once and when moving onto the next row will be able to stay logged in. Once it comes across another account, it will log out of the first and then into the next.

Once you’ve made all of your entries, check the checkbox in the Use column in the left for each entry you want the software to perform.

You may at any time click Save Settings to save the entries you have entered.

After you’ve selected the entries you wish to work on you can then click the Start button.

Facebook Page Inviter - 5 - Click Start

Please pay attention to how many invites you send a day.
If you are to (for example) run 3 entries for 3 sets of pages/targets and they all send 50 invites, then you decide after they’re complete to add two more pages then it is highly recommended that you un-check the Use checkbox for the pages that have already sent 50 invites that day.

Here is a screenshot of the software working:

Facebook Page Inviter - 6 - Running

Finally, Facebook Page Inviter locally tracks all invites sent.
Let’s say your target is a post with 200 likers.
The first day you run the software it will invite the first 50.
The next day it will skip those first 50 and invite the next set of 50, and so on, and so on.

We hope you find this software useful!