TriumphWare’s Facebook Page Inviter Pro uses serial numbers for registration.
For a guide on registering your software please visit How to Activate TriumphWare Software.

When you first open Facebook Page Inviter Pro, you’ll see the following screen:

Facebook Page Inviter Pro 1 - Main Screen

Before we get to entering your Facebook information, let’s go over the general options which you can view in the Options tab.

Facebook Page Inviter Pro 1b - Options

Options are automatically saved when changed.

In the top of the tab you’ll see the Timing box.
Facebook Page Inviter Pro mimics a normal user using a normal browser so your accounts are safe. To help keep them safe we suggest having the bot wait for short periods in between actions to prevent raising any red flags.

The Timing options are as follows:

  • Wait XX minutes between each loop: After working on every page you have selected, Facebook Page Inviter Pro will pause for XX minutes. We suggest 5-180 minutes.
  • Wait XX seconds between each invite: After each invite, Facebook Page Inviter Pro will pause for XX seconds. We suggest 2-10 seconds.
  • Wait XX seconds for pages to load: Facebook Page Inviter Pro will wait XX seconds for each page to load. We suggest 10-20 seconds.

Next up we have AutoRun -> Open and Run when Windows Loads. If this box is checked, Facebook Page Inviter Pro will launch minimized when Windows loads and will automatically start performing invites if you have accounts setup in the Settings and Status tab.

Interface -> Minimize to System Tray will make Facebook Page Inviter Pro minimize itself to the system tray so it takes less space on your screen. You can see what it looks like in the image below:

Facebook Page Inviter Pro 1c - Options - Minimize to System Tray

Finall we have Sleep Mode -> Try to disable Sleep Mode while running. This option will make Facebook Page Inviter Pro tell Windows not to enter Sleep or Hibernate mode while it is inviting users.

So, that covers the options!
Now onto the Settings and Status tab!

Facebook Page Inviter Pro 2 - Enter Account Credentials and Click Save

You can see the Accounts list in the image above.
This guide will assume you have not yet added an account.

To add an account, do the following:

  1. Enter your Facebook Email.
  2. Enter your Facebook Password.
  3. Enter/Paste your Facebook API Token. You can use this guide to aid in creating the token.
  4. Click the Add/Save button.

Once the account is saved, select it and click the Load button as seen in the image below:

Facebook Page Inviter Pro 3 - Select Account and Click Load

At this point, Facebook Page Inviter Pro will use Facebook’s API to load a list of all pages you administrate.

For each page loaded, you’ll have the following items in each row:

  • Use: Having this box checked will make Facebook Page Inviter Pro send invites for this page.
  • Facebook Page: The name of the Facebook Page – Cannot be edited.
  • Invited sent this run: This field tracks how many invited have been sent since the Start button was last clicked – Cannot be edited.
  • Posts to Check: The amount of Posts from your Page to check for potential fans.
  • Last Invite: The date and time the last invite was sent for this page – Cannot be edited.
  • Invites Remaining: How many invites can still be sent in the current 24 hour period. This is set to 50 by default.

At this point you should click the Save Settings button to save the Facebook account(s) you’ve added as well as any changes you’ve made in the page list, such as unchecking a row.

It’s all ready!
Now you click Start!

Facebook Page Inviter Pro 4 - Choose and Save Page Settings then Click Start

Once you click start, Facebook Page Inviter Pro will once again load a list of your pages.
It double-checks your pages to make sure they still exists.
Let’s say you add a Facebook account one month ago and had a page named “My Awesome Page” selected for Facebook Page Inviter Pro to send invites out with. If this page were deleted say two weeks later, it would still be in your page list in the software. It is at this point – this double-check – that Facebook Page Inviter Pro makes sure all selected pages are valid/still exist. If any are found that no longer exist the software will now remove them from the list.

Facebook Page Inviter Pro 5 - Checking Pages

Next, Facebook Page Inviter Pro looks at the list of Facebook accounts.
For each account that is checked the software will log-in as you see below:

Facebook Page Inviter Pro 6 - Logging In

After logging-in, Facebook Page Inviter Pro will visit each page you have selected in the list.
If it is a business page, the software will be able to tell and will switch to the Business Manager as you see below:

Facebook Page Inviter Pro 7 - Switching to Business Manager

Now the last part!
Facebook Page Inviter Pro will now attempt to invite people to your page.
It does so using the link that Facebook provides when more then a couple people like a post.
An example is “Mike James, Shelly Wood and 5 others like this”.

After either 50 invites have been sent or the amount of Tries remaining hits 0, Facebook Page Inviter Pro will move to the next page in your list.

You can see the software sending invites in the screenshot below:

Facebook Page Inviter Pro 8 - Inviting Likers

We truly believe this software can be of great benefit to page owners.
We hope you find it useful!